Update log 1

Update log 1

Jul 27, 2023

Now that the first episode of the reboot is here, the fire is burning strong for the creation of the next episodes. But there are a few things that I want to talk about.

  • Everyone is allowed to make alternative works based on this story in any format as long as I am credited, the money you make on it is yours;

  • I am sharing the working file for creatives, for them to learn or edit from, to make their own comics following certain rules.

My goal for this project is to open it to people as much as I can and for them to create their own worlds. I still own the rights of the original webtoon itself, so just reproducing it without any change is a no go.

I am hoping to make this webtoon better as I work on it, by taking shortcuts but I am limited by the asset licenses that I can legally share in the working file later. I could rasterize some parts of it, but it would go against the purpose of the file. So, I'll do some more research on it, to improve my process so you can enjoy reading it and be able to always use the files safely.

In the meantime, I am planning to release simple videos telling the story on Youtube. Like those stories on the radio. Knowing that drawing one episode will approximately take me 50 hours (Probably less now since I am not figuring out stuffs too much anymore) in the meantime if you are willing to, you can spoil yourself there.

This is still a chill project by the way, even if you see me do a lot of stuffs right now. Hahaha, I am just surfing on my wave of motivation.

Thank you for reading, I'll get to work now! ♥

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