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Lantern Fairy Props launched 😍

Lantern Fairy Props launched 😍

Feb 16, 2023

I'm so excited 🀩

Flow art is my passion and the best present for me is a flow toy!

Many of you joined me here when and while I was exploring Dragon flow.

Blue Porcelain Dragon is my first one named Falcor after Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story.

We spent so much time together, introduced dragon flow to the Ukrainian flow community in 2021 and continue introducing dragon flow online and in person around the world!

You've been asking me a lot how to get props like mine so now I am so happy to announce that

Lantern Fairy Props are available to order 😍

I'm so happy for the ability to spread flow and joy even more now πŸ₯°

I've listed only a few but there's many more, so if you want a different dragon from listed above pm me and I'll happily help you to get a friend you dream about

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