You Had Me at Hello

You Had Me at Hello

May 06, 2021

There are few things more endearing than hearing someone you did not expect to speak your home language greeting you warmly in the way you know best. The effort is always welcomed by indigenous language speakers in South Africa because our society puts a premium on conversation in English & Afrikaans so those who speak these languages at home don’t need to learn African languages. So, when you go out of your way to learn an African language and then use it to connect with your fellow South Africans it is more than just a life skill, it’s a step towards building the Rainbow Nation. Your effort says to the person you’re speaking to: ‘I see you, and I respect who you are and where you’re from, and I acknowledge your humanity’. For me, personally. When my white friends make an effort to say my surname and children’s names properly, and greet my family in Xhosa even if they are not able to hold a conversation beyond that; it says that they too, see themselves as Africans.

Come and learn to greet properly, with the cultural intention at the heart of this pleasantry. The Click Game is live from 7PM in the Wake Up South Africa Club in Clubhouse. Your mods, Mandisa and Thato will kick off the room with some vocal exercises to warm up that gab, jump into the 5 steps of greeting and open the last 20 minutes of the room to questions and comments. This is your chance to ask anything you want to about the lesson, the language and the culture.

Go to @the.clickgame on Instagram to see the audio-visual lesson cards. Also look at and like last week’s cultural share because there will be a pop quiz 😉

And in the words of the famous Brenda Fassie “Sohamba ngo7” - ‘we go at 7’.


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