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New Robotics Podcast Out Now!

New Robotics Podcast Out Now!

Dec 10, 2021

Hey Friends!

This week I ventured into the podcast arena and walked out with the first episode of "Learn Robotics with Liz".

This is a show where I talk about all things robots, tech, and my thoughts about how you can integrate and apply robotics skills to your life.

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If you're a fan of the Learn Robotics Blog and like podcasts, you'll want to check out the show!

Types of shows I plan on hosting over the next year:

  • Robotics Q&A

  • Engineering Career Advice

  • Tech Current Events

  • Problems & Solutions

  • General Opinions about Tech

  • Guest Shows

Thanks again for supporting the work I do with Learn Robotics. I appreciate the kind words you've added to BMC over the years.

Please let me know your thoughts, questions, and ideas for podcast episodes! You can comment here on BMC or send an email to info at learnrobotics.org.

Stay Liquid,

~Liz from Learn Robotics

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