What's in the Cards 3/6/23 (Week 10/52)

What's in the Cards 3/6/23 (Week 10/52)

Mar 06, 2023

Trying something new! I have been asked a few times over the last couple of weeks if I read for other people. In saying no, I went through an entire process of figuring out why not and what the Universe is trying to show me. SO! In honoring what I found here-- is my first offering. I INTEND to post readings every MOONday. Rock with me.

First of all. 8 cards. This is BIG energy of abundance, evolution, transformation and the next step in your journey. WHEW. Come through, SPRING. 🌺

The 2 of Cups and Ace of Pentacles at the center of this reading lets me know that this specific reading is about how these energies will show up in your emotions/unions and finances/work. Whether that be the union of your own divine feminine and divine masculine energies within OR your relationships with others (professional, friendships, intimate or otherwise). Finances and work reflect efforts towards your purpose and generating prosperity for yourself.

The first card FLEW out: The Chariot. WE DID IT YA'LL 😩 Representing forward motion, progress, travel, new adventures and guess what else? The union of complimentary forces (via the two horses) ie light/dark, masc/fem, heart/mind, towards a common goal. Through all that we have done recently, we are either getting ready to or have already begun to get a hold on the parts of ourselves that seemed to be incongruous-- finding that in bringing together seeming opposites, we in fact have two halves of a whole and a new way of showing up in this world. We cannot move forward consistently if there is no balance within us. And if there is no balance within us, it will most DEF be reflected in our external circumstances. This card heralds moving toward ALL THE THINGS in the spirit of conquest and exploration. Yee. Haw.

With the Emperor sitting directly beneath, I am lead to believe that the masculine energy is what needed to be brought into balance, whether by fostering your ability to envision your future and execute (mental capabilities) or by allowing your ability to receive and create (feminine/heart capabilities) balance out your presence and how you show up in the world. You have finally constructed the blueprint of your higher self within. And with this new found orientation?

We have new financial potential and beginnings that are now possible. Pages represent new energy and the first steps of development. Pentacles are the slowest moving suit-- so this newfound version of you is able to take the time and patience to learn, clearly plan, and be intentional about the life you are creating with this forward motion. You got this!

With The Star-- Something that you have been calling into your life is HERE. NOW. The restoration of your place in divine timing and flow has been secured with your continued work. This is you showing up for yourself and for your authenticity, even when it may have not been the easy thing to do. Now allow hope, optimism, faith, and the blessings of the limitless Universe to fill your cup! You deserve it! Allow yourself to feel good "for no reason", but know that there is a reason and a purpose for your joy and happiness. It has been divinely orchestrated and you have the spotlight of the Universe shining down on you. Not to be dramatic-- BUT turn your entire being toward this lightness. You heeded the call, now bask in the light.

The result of all of this?

Move. Over. There's a big boss in town. You have all the tools you need to move forward in the best of ways because you finally know that everything you ever needed was always within you. You just had to alchemize and transmute all the BS that was blocking you from seeing and knowing it. With this journey of clarity and mastery, darling, you get to create the life of your dreams. As above so below, as within so without-- Your magic and ability to create and manifest is truly limitless. You are in alignment with the Divine's will for your life and have found the frequency you need to pull the invisible into the visible. Your focus is unmatched. Live in this confidence. You deserve the results of your discipline. You deserve the results of your enlightenment. And you will see them. Because you will it so. And so it is.

IT WILL ALL BE YOURS. The World card is a big fat YES. Wholeness. Abundance. Fulfillment. Achievement. Flow. SUCCESS. The world (outer reflecting the inner) is YOURS. Is that enough to keep you moving? Because this momentum will carry you effortlessly through this upcoming phase of your life and to its promised completion. Don't rush the journey, enjoy it because you earned it. And we bask in our achievements over here! 🫶🏽✨

SONG OF THE WEEK-- I picked this song intuitively-- Spirit never lies.

I send my love. Aaaooww.

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