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Feb 17, 2023

Giving Voice to the Things That Hurt


The heart-wrenching,


and tear jerking realization that

while I was off in oblivion trying to make it in this world,

so that he would know I wasn’t coming around for what he could give me:

My Grandfather died.

My Uncle, as well.

Despite my sincerely held,

well-meaning intention to get and to be closer.

One day.

I self isolated because of some shadow need to prove myself because

I didn’t want those I love to think that I love them so deeply

for any other reason than

I just do…

Which resulted in me cutting myself off from the very people I care about

for the unforeseeable future.

For some imaginary place in time

that has always felt so far away.

And life?

Be lifing.

And while I was trial and error-ing


just trying to survive

Life did as only life does.

And death too.

So just in case you, dear reader, need to hear this too:

You are worthy of love and loving.

Right now. Just as you are.


You may have missed the cue for your Hero’s Journey.

The hero’s journey says that in response to an external event, one is called to rise to occasion and accept the potential greatness that has sparked within him– with said spark causing him to set out and seek. Such is the journey. But what heartbreak, what trauma, what potentially life-altering realization have you sublimated and buried for the sake of keeping on? Modern life asks that we put to the side the things that have the potential to disrupt our norm because at all costs the show must go on. But that is just the point. Things lead to things. It is in the very disruption of your day to day that Spirit has the opportunity to interject; but only if you allow it the space to. If you allow yourself to see what the sublime pain, frustration or grief has the potential to unearth for you if you welcome it in. Any time we are broken open or even cracked in the least bit, the light can get in. Allow it. Go back for it if you must. And by clearing out, you carve out new space for impetus to change your life.



We think we want to know our true, full destinies.

However, Man’s tendency to not include the Divine

coupled with our inability to simply allow

Would either cause us to run screaming

From said destiny


Lead ourselves in exact opposition to that destiny

Believing the entire time that we

Can think




Our way there.


Those who follow society’s rules are “rewarded”

and those who do not are often used as an example to discourage others from taking risks.

Because it doesn’t look as immediately rewarding.

Getting them to believe that it isn’t worth it–

That it is better and safer to function

within the system because it

will protect you

from failure.

Once you can convince someone that their livelihood

(which they have been taught to equate with their actual life)

Stands to be lost,

You’ve got them in earnest.

Let me remind you:

Source is our true supply.


The system?

Feeds on our compliance in order to survive.


Support if you so desire. In so doing, may it be returned to you tenfold. 

And so it is. ✨

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