Soft Life / Chrysanthemum

Soft Life / Chrysanthemum

Feb 17, 2023

For far too long 

I resented that my strength was soft. 

Nurturing and Compassionate — 

even as a sword. 

I wanted FORCE and WEIGHT. 

Not “holding space”.

Not MORE heart — 

CERTAINLY not MORE grace. 

I wanted BURNING HOT silver, alight with flames.

The kind that could cut both ways… 

I am JUST coming into my softness as a safe space. 

Full of Nuance and Subtlety. 

Dancing lines into the fertile soil that surrounds me. 

Allowing the fresh air to flesh out my boundaries. 

The truth here is gripping of all who come near. 


Of anything that is not in alignment. 

Lifted the threshold so that it is now an Altar. 

All that wishes to enter must alter, 

in order to make it within the gates. 

Because this condensed field of Love 

Otherwise obliterates. 

For Divine Love’s sake…

Support if you so desire. In so doing, may it return to you tenfold. 💛

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