I'd Love For You To Join Me "In Spirit" ...

I'd Love For You To Join Me "In Spirit" ❤

Jan 12, 2022

In Spirit is the title of the pages where I will be putting all of the goodies that Great Spirit/God/The Universe/Source gives for me to share! This will be quotes, screenshots, excerpts, content from other creators, and whatever else seems heaven sent. I’d be blissfully happy if something that touched my heart does something for yours as well! Noticing the synchronicities in my everyday life has wielded me so much knowledge and power — and I wish to gift that energy to you. Each day of the week, Sunday to Saturday, will have a space dedicated to it that is updated as the day progresses. So feel free to check throughout the day, at the end of each day, midweek, whatever. Whenever spirit tells you to is perfect. This is all about collective healing and I look forward to us sharing our journeys. If something resonates, please feel free to share and tag me. If you love it and want to support, thank you for buying me a coffee. Cheers to us furthering our journey, together.

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All is Love,

Lola ❤

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