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Today’s Dove Card: FREE PREVIEW🕊

Today’s Dove Card: FREE PREVIEW🕊

Jan 05, 2022

Hello there,

Before I dive into today’s insights, I want to share a little bit about my background and the way I work.

Clients who expected me to share their beliefs in how psychic mediums “should” work were poorly matched with my CBT background. I had 15 years of experience with cognitive behavioral therapy before I opened my holistic wellness practice in 2004. It helped me see my life, and myself, in a new light.

I was trained to look deeper into why people behaved in certain ways, including myself, what may have affected their perspective about themselves and the world, and how a change in mindset could create an empowering change in their lives.

Traditional yoga and Buddhist philosophy mirrored CBT, which is why I was drawn to yoga and meditation for my personal wellness practice, and why I eventually ended up teaching these stress relieving tools.

The new age movement has dominated the intuitive and energy healing fields, and in my opinion, stripped these ancient studies down to unintelligent superstitions.

Yoga, meditation, quantum physics—these are intellectual studies merged with spirituality.

Think of Native Americans. Their culture brilliantly blended intelligence and spirituality—true wise ones. They didn’t need a bestselling book to guide them, they lived in a culture of trusting one’s own connection to the divine, and trusting that inner wisdom to thrive in this world.

Many Westerners have become far removed from any spiritual roots their ancestors had. When they want a spiritual connection at some point in life, they start seeking and some don’t realize they may end up believing in religious-based philosophies they would logically reject if it presented with a different name.

Analyzing popular new age theories it’s clear many are based on evangelical interpretations of religious texts, but the writers are clever. They know their customers haven’t studied ancient religious texts so they simply rehash the fire and brimstone theology in a cloak of self-help and reap the financial benefits of their modernized ministries.

One of the most psychologically damaging beliefs the new age spread is the Biblical-based “speaking negative things into existence.” This fear-ridden superstition that an anxious thought can magically create an unwanted stressful experience feeds more fear and anxiety.

Sadly, the deeper down the rabbit hole, the more frightened people become of their own natural feelings so they suppress deeper and the anxiety keeps growing. The further they push their negative feelings into a box of toxic positivity the bigger the shadow becomes. This is when panic attacks or substance abuse may kick in because healthy adaptive skills haven’t been learned.

This may not apply to every person who affiliates with new age, and I mean no disrespect if you do. The reason I mention this is because today’s Dove card and runes show us you may be feeling stressed, and I don’t want you to jump down the rabbit hole of fear if these don’t make sense to you.

Do not be afraid of the future! Don’t be afraid of stressful situations. Don’t be afraid of problems that appear. Don’t be afraid of things not going as planned. Don’t be afraid of not being in control of everything. Don’t be afraid you’re not good enough or worthy. Don’t be afraid you will sabotage or curse yourself. Don’t be afraid.

This is faith. Faith is an anti-anxiety practice. Faith says no matter what happens, I know I’ll be ok because God provides and I’m capable of figuring this out. I have faith in my problem-solving abilities, my resilience and my emotional intelligence. I know how to take care of myself during the worst times in my life, and the best. Even when I’m scared and pushed to my limits, deep down my spirit knows I got this.

I work within the philosophy of faith because this is what has helped me not only rise up after insanely difficult situations, it also helped me recognize the existence of God. I’ve been one of God’s investigative kids, saying prove to me, show me, teach me, guide me. And He has.

God in theory is love. This world will bombard you with every evidence of hate and evil that exists, the media fuels it. But when you look for the love in good people, when you gaze at stunning nature that refreshes you, when you acknowledge the miracles, there is God.

Trust yourself. Trust a higher power loves you and is helping you. You’ve overcome challenges in the past, and you will again if you face any in the future.

Let’s look at today’s messages through the lens of faith.

Disengage—you may want to join me in this healing practice today. Whatever is stressing you out, repeat after me: f*ck this. (We are all adults here, feel free to let your zero f*cks flag fly!)

Your well-being is important, so if anything or anyone is causing unnecessary stress, take a step back and focus on how you can meet a need for yourself.

Maybe it’s a time out to listen to music. Or treating yourself to takeout. Maybe it’s delegating work or chores so you can take a bath, read a book, run an errand or just have time to be.

When this card comes up, God is saying it’s not worth worrying about this. Your health is more important. Disengage from drama, difficult personalities, or worse case scenarios. Don’t let the stress of this world take away your right to peace.

Sometimes we have to make an effort to create peace. It may mean blocking someone’s calls, unfollowing someone or silencing your phone. It may mean lighting a candle and saying, “I don’t care what chaos is going on out there, it is not allowed in here.”

Your wellness comes first. Bills will always have due dates. Friends will always have problems. The world is spinning with distractions calling your name, saying look at me!

But right now God is saying, look at yourself because you need love, too. ❤️

Do you see that “P” looking rune? It represents a thorn. In Norse theology, it is associated with gnarly things like trolls and demons. Those creepy things that like to stir things up. Trolls and demons was the Viking way of rationalizing why problems exist.

In modern times, we translate this rune as a stressful situation and also as protection. This rune can show up when things feel chaotic in some way, and God is saying it’s time to tear down the old and build the new!

This rune also represents a need for boundaries, protecting your heart, time and energy. Boundaries will help you disengage from stress.

Maybe the mythical troll Vikings imagined represents what we would call a troll today—defined by Urban Dictionary as “The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.”

Disengage from that. 👋

If you have an important decision to make, be discerning who to ask advice from. There is a good advisor out there for you. You will know the advice suits you when their ideas help you feel more confident.

Disengage from any opinions that kick up anxiety—you don’t need negative mindsets telling you what isn’t possible. Believers are busy creating the “impossible” while the faithless hold themselves back.

We see the lightening bolt rune representing summer and change happening quickly. There is a re-occurring impression that things may feel stressful for a while but when the warmer weather arrives something may feel resolved.

Whatever your current challenge is, keep the faith sunnier days are ahead. Such is the cycle of life.

If you haven’t had many challenges lately, this message may be for someone you know or may not apply as interpreted here. As always, listen to your own insights when you read the card or certain words mentioned. See how Heaven is showing you that you are supported.

Enjoy that heavenly self-care, and create your own sanctuary. Stress is a thorn in life, but it’s not the whole plant. You’ve got a big, beautiful fragrant rose on that plant, too. And sometimes, those stressy thorns actually protect you from harm, and lead to a beautiful bloom. 🌹



Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Yoga Therapist, Card Maker and Believer 💫

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