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Preparing for the week ahead…🕊🧘⏰

Preparing for the week ahead…🕊🧘⏰

May 01, 2022

I’m interested what cards show up on Sundays because they can provide insight into the week ahead.

Asking God what would be helpful to keep in mind this week, this is the feedback.

Freedom. Angel. And a direct message if you are worrying about someone you care about.

Have thoughts of the past been entering your mind?

Is there something you may have taken personally that wasn’t really about you?

Are you feeling stuck or confused about what you could do right now?

Right in the center we see an Angel highlighted today. This could be a guardian Angel or a really good-hearted person. This can also be encouragement to ask for help.

It looks to me like there are lots of extra angels around someone you are hoping is ok or will be ok. All of their divine guides are working hard to guide them toward the best direction, or comfort them if they are stressing out or in pain.

Or maybe this person is you and someone is worrying about you?

Today’s runes highlight the importance of passionate leadership. Being honest and considerate are part of what helps you resolve an issue.

Be mindful of being proactive this week instead of reactive. Hold back any temptation to jump into something impulsively. Weigh the pros and cons and gather all the information you can so when you make a decision you’ll feel confident.

The ice rune is centered here, a reminder to rest, withdraw from any drama and wait before taking action. Timing may not be right yet for whatever you’re wanting so take things slowly right now, learning as much as you can.

The mother Mary rune shows up again. Has it been three days in a row now? I hope this means you’ve been able to chill this weekend and catch up on any rest that was needed.

This B-shaped rune also symbolizes new beginnings. If you’re going through a hard time right now, God is giving you the strength to get through it. Nurture relationships that give back. Make sure your needs are met before caring for others.

This rune may also correlate to the God Says give me your worries about a loved one card that came up today. It can indicate someone can use some love right now.

Any messages shared about loved ones include animals that you care about, too.

Freedom. Angel. Praying for a loved one. Victory. Leadership. Rest. Wait until it feels right. Caring for yourself first, recharging and then caring for others.

If you are having a hard time letting go, consider giving yourself permission to envision a brighter future. Imagine what else is possible, different paths to peace and happiness.

Release yourself from any guilt around a disappointing situation.

Ignore any negative personalities who may be envious of something you have or uncomfortable with the amount of light you radiate. You make an effort to shine that light, it’s not like you don’t have dark days! You just take responsibility for your well-being and try to be considerate of others knowing we all have hard days but they’re no excuse to lash out on anyone else.

Honor your boundaries, they create a protective bubble around you. Be mindful of any unhealthy competition or pressuring opinions, you don’t need to engage in that stress. Just stay focused on what is aligned with your values. You can still achieve your dreams without being part of the rat race. In fact, based on what we see here today you most likely prefer to be as far away from the rat race as possible!

How is God guiding and supporting you right now? Does anything stand out to you as meaningful or useful to keep in mind?

Healing Prayer

May you enter this week feeling refreshed and ready to lead with faith you will be successful in your own way, in your own time and on your own terms. May you resist any pressure from others and only do what is aligned with your values. May you prioritize what is good for you and may you experience evidence of the love and support angels provide you and your loved ones. Amen!

With love,


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