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Take A Chance! 🎲 🕊

Take A Chance! 🎲 🕊

Aug 27, 2022

Hello! Welcome to your self-care time.

Today, we have two action steps: a grounding exercise and encouragement to nurture yourself in some way.

Self-care is a theme today!

What helps you feel more grounded? What needs to be nurtured that can possibly help you feel more grounded?

For example, if you’ve been eating quickly, absentmindedly or on-the-go, try slowing down during your next meal. Take pauses between bites. Chew your food up to 32 times as recommended by digestive specialists. Avoid stressful conversations during meals and see if you can be present without having any distractions like TV.

Or maybe you need to walk barefoot in grass or sand to feel more physically grounded.

Or meditate to ground your spirit.

Sometimes people don’t feel centered because they may feel fearful or unsettled. How can you help yourself feel safer?

Today’s rune translates to “destiny.” As in, sometimes you just gotta roll the dice and take a chance.

It can also symbolize creating something new from an inspired idea. Or the destiny involved with childbirth.

This rune offers encouragement to slow down and center your mind and body so you can feel calm and focused regarding whatever this destiny may be about.

Centering and nurturing may be tied into your destiny in some way. This may be about work or your personal life, see what resonates. The overall feeling is that centering and nurturing will be important to help you navigate whatever the future brings, especially if you’re taking chances.

Healing Prayer

May you feel grounded and at ease today. May you feel nurtured by yourself and those who love you. May you follow your heart and take chances on things you feel passionately about. Amen!

With love,


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