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Nature’s Rhythm Healing Meditation

Nature’s Rhythm Healing Meditation

May 01, 2022

Nature’s Rhythm Healing Meditation

Use this meditation anytime you need to feel grounded and take your power back.

Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Notice your breathing. See if you can inhale a little longer and exhale a little longer. Not forcing anything, just allowing your body to feel safe and relax. 

Close your eyes and ask your guardian Angel to be with you. Ask your guardian Angel to send healing to your heart, lifting away any heaviness, worry or fear. 

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your solar plexus, that area between the base of your ribs where you may have experienced butterfly sensations or be extra sensitive to stress or stomach pains. Take a deep, cleansing breath, allowing your abdomen to rise underneath your hand and then gently release.

Imagine your guardian Angel creating a nest of soft, warm feathers around your heart. Imagine your heart is nestled snugly into this comforting and safe nest, free to beat strongly in rhythm to the hum of God’s entire universe.

Your heart beats and a star twinkles. Your heart beats and a cloud drifts through the sky. With each steady heartbeat, the sun slowly rises or sets. 

Your breath is synchronized with the birds song and the flap of their wings. Your breath is rolling in and out with the ocean waves. Your breath is traveling with the wind rustling through leaves on trees and blades of grass.

Your guardian Angel has attuned you to the mystical rhythms of God’s universe. You belong. You fit in. There is plenty of space here for you to be free.

Free as the birds. And the wind. And the stars. And the ocean’s water. 

You are a free spirit on a great adventure and your Angel is with you every step of the way.

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and give yourself a hug.

May your nurturing and protective nest keep your loving heart happy, healthy and strong. Amen!

With love,


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