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First Things First🕊🙏🧘

First Things First🕊🙏🧘

Jun 27, 2022

Welcome to a brand new week! Let’s start this one with self-care today. 🧘

I used the #3 spread for you: Healing Message from Jesus. The intention behind this spread is a prayer for insight that can be healing. But I encourage you to read these in whatever way feels most relevant for you today.

Honesty. Habits. Breathe.

The mindfulness practice this week is to bring your awareness to any unhealthy habit you may repeating when feeling stressed.

Be honest with yourself if…

  • You’re drinking too much.

  • You’re eating too many nutritionless foods.

  • You’re staying up too late.

  • You’re not getting enough fresh air.

  • You’re not getting enough exercise.

  • You’re letting anxieties get the best of you.

  • Overwhelm interferes with getting things done or taking good care of yourself.

See yourself as if you’re observing a friend. This isn’t about judging yourself for whatever this habit is. It’s about being kinder to yourself, acknowledging that when stressed you need extra support and comfort.

Changing a habit isn’t just about stopping it entirely. It’s about swapping it for a healthier option, one that doesn’t leave you with regrets or feeling worse.

Here are a few swaps you can try…

Instead of an alcohol beverage, try a non-alcoholic drink that satisfies you’re craving for sweet, sour, bitter or bubbly. One of my personal favs is cranberry juice with a splash of lime juice, add an unsweetened seltzer to make it fizzy. There are lots of delicious teas you can enjoy hot or cold. Check out tropical teas if you crave sweet.

Commit to including something nutritious and good for you with every meal. Maybe it’s simply a glass of water. Or handful of nuts. Or piece of fruit. Or a vegetable. Focus on adding more yummy nutrition instead of taking away the cookie you enjoy.

Try getting to bed 20 minutes earlier. Set a bedtime reminder on your phone. Plan any streaming or reading to be done before this desired time. Eat a little earlier. Get ready for bed a little earlier. I find bathing before bed very relaxing, washes away the day and prepares the body for a restful sleep. Things like melatonin, lemon balm, milky oat tops, magnesium and GABA are also helpful for some. Of course, check with your doc first especially if you are taking medication.

If you don’t have enough time to get outdoors much during the week, try just standing outside for a while, inhaling that fresh air. If you are blessed with an outdoor area to sit, treat yourself. Bring your phone, laptop or book and do what you do indoors only enjoying the health bennies of the outdoors.

If you’re not getting enough exercise, try a 5-minute Tik Tok, You Tube or Instagram video. I like on Instagram, and yoga in bed videos on You Tube. One of the reasons people give up an exercise habit is because they believe they have to do it a certain way for a certain amount of time or what’s the use? Truth is, even 5-minutes of using arm weights, ankle weights, a treadmill, bike or doing push ups, planks or swinging a ballet move has wonderful health benefits. Short bursts of consistency is better than nothing at all. Whatever exercise is fun and feels good for you, commit just 5-15 minutes a day to it and see how you feel after one week.

If you’re letting anxiety get to you, practice the breathing technique written on the Breathe card. It helps turn off the fight or flight response and calms the nervous system. There are many helpful techniques to manage anxiety from mindfulness, essential oils and CBT to Tai Chi, Tapping and meditation. Explore different practices and when you find one that works for you, commit to using it when you’re feeling anxious. If medication can help, please consider talking to your doctor about it. You deserve whatever help your body can benefit from.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep this saying in mind: first things first. Focus on the present moment. If your mind starts wandering into the scary unknown of the future, reel that fortune teller back in and repeat: first things first. What would be helpful to do in this very moment? Give that your full attention, love and care.

Today’s runes show you have so much potential to create what your heart is longing for.

You may want to give yourself a solid year to reach your goal.

Be extra mindful about getting enough rest this week, especially if you’ve been rundown.

If you’ve felt worried about finances, we see you having what you need in the future. Swap that worry about the future with something from the healthy habits list above. And remember, first things first.

Self-Care Inspo

Chair yoga 😍

Non-alcoholic drink ideas…

With love,


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