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Extra Love From Heaven Today! 🕊

Extra Love From Heaven Today! 🕊

Aug 26, 2022

Hello and welcome to your self-care card read today!

Two healing prayers showed up. Today’s practice is giving something that is bothering you to God. Take a break from trying to sort it all out right now.

This may be regarding some area that feels stuck in your life. The Freedom card is often about emotional freedom—letting go of the past, staying true to yourself, finding ways to empower yourself, and focus on what you can do vs. what feels out of your control.

Go gentle is a strong message today.

Freedom can also relate to something that feels burdensome, like a debt. Or something you’re waiting to have like a car, home, partner or better health. It can be about waiting for a better job to come along so you can leave your present one, or wanting to break free from a relationship or a relationship pattern.

Reading Dove cards is about raising awareness as to how God is helping you. And how you may be able to help yourself.

For example, if freedom means taking a break from stress this weekend then maybe you get out for a change in scenery and let yourself be free from overthinking and all those responsibilities. Enjoy!

Maybe freedom means you’re going through a big change and your prayer is this transition ends up being a positive one as you set yourself free from one chapter to enter the next.

Coaching Questions

Why do you think Freedom is showing up for you today?

What would you like to be free from, even if just temporarily?

What can you do to be extra kind to yourself and feel more empowered and less stuck at the moment?

Today, the “god” rune appears with Freedom and Heaven.


The Heaven card shows up when Heaven wants you to know your prayers are heard and you’re not alone. Have you seen any unusual things lately that may be signs Heaven is looking after you?

Now let’s add extra divine support to those signs or intuitive impressions or thoughts of a loved one who passed. Because that’s what that rune shows us.

You’re being showered with love from above today, and encouraged to enjoy whatever this freedom means to you. If you’re not sure how to feel freer, God is helping inspire you so notice any ideas that come to mind.

Healing Prayer

May you be free from suffering. May your relationships be free from suffering. May you be free from the effects of anything that harmed you in the past. May you be free to claim joy now. May your spirit be free to make the most of this day. Amen!

With love,


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