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Building That Confidence 💪🕊

Building That Confidence 💪🕊

Aug 30, 2022

Welcome to your self-care time!

Today, we have two healing affirmations. That tells me your free will can make a difference today.

Confidence and Community.

Confidence is showing up again this week! But instead of being paired with Health it appears with Community today.

These cards can be read separately, see what makes sense for you right now. I’m reading them together.

Sometimes the cards build upon messages related to an ongoing situation in your life.

For example, if you have been seeking a confident healthcare provider, this can be further insight that you’ve found or about to find a supportive community.

Or if you’ve been wanting to build more confidence in an area of your life, this can be encouragement to explore communities that may be helpful.

You may also be building confidence at work, or with a community you engage in.

Maybe for some of you, a change in community may result in feeling more confident if you feel like it’s a better fit for meeting your needs.

Whatever this may mean to you, confidence is definitely a theme this week and I believe God is encouraging you to believe in yourself.

Today’s rune translates to “fate.” You may be wondering how this is different than the other rune that showed up earlier this week that means “destiny.”

Destiny: You go to the casino, play the slot machines and win a million dollars.

Fate: You go to the casino and the slot machine is broken.

Destiny, according to the runes, involves willfully taking a risk and seeing what happens.

Fate doesn’t involve free will. It can be considered divine will or circumstances that are not within your control.

Destiny: You go on dates and believe you met someone you’re meant to be with.

Maybe you are destined to be together but…

Fate: Something isn’t right and you don’t end up together in the long-run, but you end up meeting someone else who turns out to be your long-term partner.

You can be destined to meet someone but fated to be with someone else.

The fate rune is read as a “doorway to the cosmic power of fate” and the mystery of divine timing. It can also represent a life-changing event.

Confidence. Community. Fate. Possibly life-changing.

What do you think this is about?

Please give any fears to Heaven. The impression today is that God has something good planned for you and it may involve a supportive community that unexpectedly brings something wonderful to your life.

With love,


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