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A Special Visitor Is Here For You Today! ...

A Special Visitor Is Here For You Today!😇🕊

Aug 28, 2022

Hello! Welcome to your self-care time.

You have a special visitor today—your guardian Angel! They showed up to let their presence be known and they are helping you with something you’re learning.

Your guardian Angel is assuring you that this education will help you or someone else—there is a deeper purpose for it.

The God Says card is highlighting learning and education, as well as opportunities to receive what you need or do something good with your knowledge.

This may be a powerful life lesson that helps you make a positive change or using your degree, certification or on-site education to explore new work opportunities.

The education card often shows up for teachers. If you work in education, these cards may be about an Angel helping you at work, or you being an Angel to the community you serve.

You’re not alone in whatever this learning process has been about—self, health, love, work, family. God will help you discover ways that your wisdom can benefit you in ways you may not have previously imagined. You will also be guided to useful resources so be mindful of what you find in your research and when something or someone feels worth exploring.

This card may also be validating your idea to return to school or take that course you’ve been considering.

Ah, the “hail” rune. It shows up when there’s unexpected stress or anticipated stress.

Fear not! The cards showing up with it ensure you have divine support to move through any stressful situation that comes up.

Try saying a prayer before entering any situation in which you worry there may be a problem. Ask God and your guardian Angel for help.

Also, be mindful of who you choose to work with or confide in. Turn to those angelic-like people in times of hardship, they will most likely try to be there for you if they can. Avoid big egos, arrogant personalities and anyone who gives you an uneasy feeling.

I don’t attach fear of the future to this rune. I see it more as a reminder to be mindful of how to manage stress. And not because you need to be some perfect example of coping with a hailstorm in your life as if you’re just skating through, unbothered. Of course, stress is bothersome. It can be downright ugly.


Do not let it break your spirit entirely.

If you feel knocked down, rest. Regain your strength. Then carefully get up, take a breath and carry on.

Anytime you feel broken, may you feel something new added to your life—a blessing of some kind. May any stressful day lead to a new blessing.

Amen to that.

With love,


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