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🎙️ Reaching Artistic Autonomy: My Full ...

🎙️ Reaching Artistic Autonomy: My Full Story - Matt Jacob's Podcast

Apr 08, 2024

Hey! How is your creative journey going so far? 📸

I'm not sure if you know this already as I shared it only on my Instagram stories some time ago. But when I moved to Bali, Matt Jacob, an incredible cultural portrait photographer, invited me to his podcast to interview me about my journey as a professional photographer.

This was the deepest conversation I ever had about my rough beginning in London, and everything I had to endure to become who I am today. Everything I had to go through to achieve what I was craving so much since I left my country, Spain, in 2013 to pursue my dreams in the creative industry.

I can't even explain the feelings I was experiencing while I was reflecting so deeply on my past, my present, and my future as a photographer. I had to revisit some hard periods of my life I had to go through when I moved from Spain to London. Without being able to speak English, without having a job, without knowing anyone in the big city, and even ending up homeless for a short period of time. 😅

I never had to analyse my journey before, simply, because nobody asked me before. But during this podcast, Matt challenged me to answer the most thorough questions. And it was creatively therapeutic I must say!

Whether you're just starting your new journey as a photographer, or you are already at a professional level, I truly believe this podcast will inspire you. I also give some valuable advice to every beginner photographer out there. All based on these intense experiences I talk about in this conversation.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. ❤️

Laura xx


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