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Every Moment Matters

Every Moment Matters

Jun 01, 2022

Intentionally writing down memories of moments that I am grateful for or gave me feelings of joy have been key to remaining hopeful especially when so many things happen that can zap hope away.

The practice of writing causes reflection, and writing about gratitude boosts the spirit, heart, and mind.

As we close out a month that has been hard for many and start another one that will have its own challenges, I invite you to document a moment or two that matters to you here or in your personal journal.

I'll kick us off.


I am grateful that my family and I had a safe trip to visit our extended family in North Carolina. We saw family members that we hadn't seen in several years. I mourned those that passed away since our last visit, but I remained grateful because of the simple truth that I had the opportunity to meet and know them. It was such a treat to laugh, reminisce, and meet some of the babies that make up our next generation.

It's your turn. 😊

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