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Embracing the Full Experience

Embracing the Full Experience

Jun 29, 2022
Standing in a line in the hot, summer sun wasn't how I wanted to spend part of my day. See, I imagined that the line would be super long because that was my experience at some of the other places we'd visited in New Orleans. I allowed a few experiences to color all of my experiences, and because of this, I was willing to let go of an opportunity that I wouldn't experience again because each moment is its own. I'm glad that I reflected on Ryan's comment, "the lines are long, but you'll get to have the full experience with other people." I thought about my prayer to not live comfortably which means to me so safe that I don't experience the fullness of His glory and the times I tried tipped toe around the uncomfortableness to find out that while it was uncomfortable that it was also manageable. But in the case of the long line at Cafe du Monde, there was no long line at all. And in that, was a reminder that no prayer is too small. Have you found yourself choosing to not embrace a full experience because it may be uncomfortable? How do you combat this feeling?
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