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2021 Reflections + 2022 Intentions

2021 Reflections + 2022 Intentions

Jan 09, 2022

During my end-of-the-year reflections, I realized that I accomplished each of my goals. Some goals I had in 2021 were:

  • write a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul-- not sure if it got selected, but I did it!

  • speak to a literary agent-- I learned the next steps for my journey.

  • read 21 books

  • be intentional about my health--I moved more, ate better, and lost some weight.

  • book appearances on two podcasts

  • complete MindShare's Mental Health Champion Program

  • incorporate family movie night

I am always in awe of how things work out, even when I am not making a list and checking it twice. For example, one goal I had last year was to be a guest on two podcasts to help me get back out there. I am happy to report that I shared on THREE podcasts: Her Business Elevated with Demetria Zinga about cultivating joy, Can You Just Sit with Me Podcast by Natasha Smith about grief and parenting, and The Homeschool High School 7Sisters Podcast about taking a break as a homeschool mom, plus I co-hosted Homeschool Besties podcast with my friend, Andrea.

 My intentions for 2022 are very much along the same path as last year since goal-setting always comes back to living a life that I enjoy and am pleased with. I typically don't set goals simply for the sake of setting goals.

This year I am looking forward to creating more content for Joy in the Ordinary. I have missed writing, so I plan to write more on the site. If I am honest, this goal will be a challenge for me, just what I need.

Other intentions I have for this quarter are:

  • take a one-week vacation with my family

  • read 3 to 5 books --I've started Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart

  • write and publish eight stories/posts to

  • be active in my writing group

 What are some goals you are setting for yourself this quarter or year? 

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