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Tom in NYC

Tom in NYC

Oct 01, 2022

Making the attempt to dine at one of my bucket list restaurants, Le Bernardin w/ Chef Eric Ripert. The man is a seafood master, so naturally lobster is on the agenda. I don't have a reservation, but I'll attempt lounge seating for lunch on Monday. That's my only chance. It's literally all I've been dreaming about for the last two years because I'm functionally insane when it comes to accomplishing that which can not be accomplished. Or better put, to inspire: "Can't be done, did it anyway." It's my birthday, I think I'm turning something like 57 - wow! I didn't expect to make it past 25, so it's all frosting. And I don't want anything for my birthday besides this, but I would certainly not resist the shameless self-indulgent and tasteless plug for an NYC cocktail, should you be so inclined. The other place I plan to hit on this brief sojourn and meditation to the Big Apple is the fantastic Dive Bar, Rudy's Bar & Grill in Hell's Kitchen. They have a life-sized pig character standing watch outside the place. The bartender was so beautifully mean to me during my first experience there, and we've become fast friends. He's an Irish prick, and probably so am I. I drink Turkey in there, and they make their own beer and serve something like 1500 Nathan's Hot Dogs a day. There's a dude in there that tends to the dogs to make sure they don't go 7/11 gas station brown. Anyway, here's a link to some Miller stuff which was updated fairly recently. Enjoy. Will be back Oct. 5th (my actual official birthday) for some Gainesville snootin'. Meanwhile, wish me luck.

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