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Assistant for No Man's Sky - Update 1.31 ...

Assistant for No Man's Sky - Update 1.31 πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

Apr 03, 2020

Hello everyone!

This week brings a feature that has been requested by many people for quite a while... Inventory Management!!πŸŽ‰ From version 1.31 you will be able to add Inventories with customizable icons and names and then add game items to those inventories 😁. Another awesome feature is the ability to see what the next Community Mission rewards will be, this will definitely help those of you who are struggling to figure out whether or not to spend you quicksilver this week or wait for next the next Community Mission's rewards. More details on what is new here

Update delays

Due to current pandemic, the Google Play and Apple App Store are processing updates very slowly. This means that unfortunately updates will be delayed. Google Play took 6 days to release the latest update. The Apple App Store has processed this week's update the fastest and is available! I have created a site that will host the Android versions of the App. So for those of you who know how to side-load APK files you can find the APKs here:


We have a discord server 😁. It has been growing well 😁. We even have a translation bot being built by Meridian, our Discord expert πŸ˜‚. Here is the invite: This is a space for you to connect with each other and help each other out so that we can help the community together.

Have a great weekend!! 😁

Android App:

iOS App:







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