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Macduff Maggie

Macduff Maggie

Nov 11, 2020

A new Scottish folk song I just released as an online digital single. I wrote this song about my auntie Margaret who emigrated to Canada in the 1950's

I made a YouTube video with the lyrics and some footage of Macduff taken in November 2020. I also used some old family photos to make it a little more powerful.

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From my YouTube stats I know that 85% of my views are from unsubscribed people, and most of my audience are males over 65+. It's 100% free to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you click the bell icon on the bottom right in the YouTube browser screen it means YouTube will send you a notification when I upload but only if you have allowed notifications from YouTube on your device. Eventually I can apply to get a share of ad revenue from YouTube via the ads it puts on my videos sometimes. But first, I need 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months before qualifying. Today I have 3879! So nearly there...

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    I have a new Patreon page. Patreon is a great idea for artists and creative people to get crowd funding and moral support from a reliable private members club. Knowing there's some income coming in helps me buy new equipment to make better projects and reduce the worry of money a little. I also offer you some treats in return for your support. Starting from £3 a month, plus VAT. You can also ask me anything and give me input or suggest ideas for treats or new material. I also offer to write a piece of music for members at a higher tiered level. ▶ Patreon:

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