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"S.O.U.P. Sessions 2022"

"S.O.U.P. Sessions 2022"

Mar 08, 2022

What can you expect from an underwater photoshoot, as part of the "S.O.U.P. Sessions 2022", with underwater professional photographer and image artist Günther Kubiza ?

You will have an interesting experience. You will perceive yourself pure and intense. All your senses will be sharpened within minutes. You will experience yourself very intensively.

The S.O.U.P. Sessions of the KUBIZAPHOTOEXPERIENCE by Günther Kubiza are not primarily about taking fascinating photos that everyone envies you for.

The S.O.U.P. Sessions of the KUBIZAPHOTOEXPERIENCE by Günther Kubiza are first and foremost about yourself.

About you as a human being. About you as a woman. About you as a female being. About you as a wholeness. About you as a perceiver. About you as an experiencer. About you as a creator.

About your truth, which you are.

Now you probably think to yourself: "Hey wait a minute! I booked a photo session!"

And of course it is.

Countless women with whom I (Günther Kubiza) was allowed to work in and under water in the past years have told me during or after the session that they feel energetically cleansed, more awake, more connected, happier, purer, more genuine, freer, stronger or even transformed.

As a result, I have been working on the ritual nature of the sessions in cooperation with a healer, an energetic practitioner and a shaman, and have been raising my awareness of this.

But don't worry. There will be no ceremonies and such in the session. It is definitely an underwater photoshoot where I stage you underwater and together we create impressive, not everyday, magical works of art with you as the protagonist.

I look forward to discussing and planning your personal "S.O.U.P. Session 2022" with you. To answer all your questions in this regard. To design and carry out the shooting conscientiously and with the inclusion of all your wishes and ideas together with you and for you.

From experience I know already now; it will be brilliant!

With best regards, Kubi

(Günther Kubiza)

P.S.: Use the current offer, under EXTRAS, on the occasion of the World Women's Day 2022 !

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