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Deactivating This Profile Because...

Deactivating This Profile Because...

May 01, 2022

BuyMeACoffee is trash. It's been a month since my first attempt at a payout. It looks like its working for 5 business days then nothing happens. So I've refunded everyone who dono'd.. let me know if it doesn't and I'll pay you back with my own money.

I'm sorry I let you all donate to me without testing it first myself, or doing better research. Apparently they did site updates in January but support has been silent since.. and I can't even use the chat feature on the website. Brilliant, right?

Giving it a week to stick. While this happens, I'll brainstorm what to do next. Thanks for all your efforts. I'm still trying to work out a way to have a successful side hustle without resorting to OF, but I may have to bite the bullet & become a creator there. As always, you can follow whatever comes next over on Reddit.

Hugs & boobsmushes xxx -K

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