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Nasians, "People Of The Storm"

Nasians, "People Of The Storm"

Apr 27, 2022

The last of the Aelphen People were the proud Nasians. The name means "People of the Storm" in Vox. Nasians are considered the lesser of the Aelphen People, given their shorter lifespans. But they are nearly as widespread and populous as Altians. in fact, many estimate they could outnumber Altians by the end of the century.


Nasians are easily identifiable with their straight black hair and tan skin with a distinct metallic sheen. Copper, bronze, silver, and gold are all possible tones, with copper and bronze being by far the most common. Their eyes are typically upturned and almond-shaped and are almost exclusively black.

They are fuller in figure than Altians and Tufans, and have the widest range in height of the Aelphen People, from shorter than Altians to taller than Tufans. They also have rounded auricula, perhaps the most noticeable difference between them and the others. In terms of lifespan, they have the shortest of the Aelphen People, at around 80 years.

Nasians rose in the vast grassy plains of the Mokuri Gap's southern regions. They have a deep, natural connection to Vortex magic. Nasian Shamans can intuitively feel messages carried in the wind. They can smell the scents of far off places, hear whispers of voices long after they are spoken, and see specters of those the wind has passed.

The Nasian's ancestral capital is Alumi, the Copper City. Hazidan described the city in his work, Wonders of the North, as "A shining jewel wreathed in a rolling sea of green. Her gleaming towers set the heart in awe and wonder in a way few sights ever will."


Nasians are especially driven, creative people. Many enjoy taking up a craft in their spare time, if it is not their profession outright. Some of the most influential architects and inventors have been Nasians. In the new industrial era, Nasians have found the work of Engineers to be particularly attractive.

Some other Species are rather dismissive of Nasians, seeing them as pushy, and impatient. Altians and Sindra, in particular generally have a low, even distrustful opinion of Nasians. Aerikans are quite fond of Nasians, since they are descended from a Nasian.


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