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Oh Boy...

Dec 05, 2022

So, you may have seen my tweet last night on Twitter.

Yeah, that's right. I dared people to like a post, and for every like I would write a page this week. Well, the internet has a way of giving you what you ask for, if not in the way you expect.

67 likes later, I am now faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of writing 67 pages in 7 days. That means 9.5 pages a day. What is the most I've ever written in a week? 10 pages. Yeah... This is gonna be... Tough.

But, so, when I inevitably lose this challenge I set myself, I'll be putting out a copy of what I wrote in the community Discord so you can see just how hard I failed!

Just remember, people, be careful what you wish for!

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