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Continents of Oraspire

Continents of Oraspire

Feb 09, 2022

Here we have a map of Orapsire with the continents labeled. There are three known continents of Oraspire, Makio to the North, Serapis to the South, and Cardinus to the East. It is currently unknown if there are more that lie beyond the Veiled Ocean that surrounds the three, but according to historical record from before the Genesis Wars, there were five continents in all.

Makio is the largest of the three, and holds a massive land-locked freshwater body of water called the Sapphire Sea. Along its southern shores are the great Aveil Mountains, the tallest and longest mountain range in Oraspire. It also holds the largest desert in the world, the Huracan which borders the Beru-Vala Subcontinent to the east. Makio is home to the most powerful nations in the world: The Makerian Rize Empire, The Aioptum Empire, The New Vonan Kingdom, the Anasian Order, and many others.

Serapis is smaller than Makio, and until the last decade was dotted with nearly one hundred small kingdoms and empires. But over the last ten years, the tiny Lakellos Sun Empire has exploded upon the continent, and now holds over half of the land, and is not slowing its advance. Serapis holds the largest and deepest lake in the world, Zasega Lake, which is said to have initially formed from in a massive battle between the God Dragons Rah-Zukar and Baku-Van in the Genesis Wars.

Cardinus, also known as the "Broken Land", is a continental plate made up of over five hundred islands. It is told that the continent was shattered by Kash, Dread Phoenix of Earthquakes during the Genesis Wars. It is controlled by a tense cooperation of pirates and trade confederacies that have warred and negotiated for centuries. The two strongest countries, the Nasar Confederacy, and the Ondovan Compact constantly vie for an advantage over the other, making deals with pirate lords and companies to try and position themselves in a stronger stance.

At the edge of the known world is the Veiled Ocean, an expanse of ocean covered in thick, impenetrable fog. It encircles the entire world, and while there have been many expeditions sent to try and traverse or explore the Veiled Ocean, none have ever returned.

Though, in the last age, the lost island of Kalecu, far to the West, was discovered where previously there was thought to be naught but fog. The inhabitants of the island, the mysterious Kalarians, unfortunately know very little about the Veiled Ocean.

Between Makio and Serapis is a seemingly artificial island that appeared one day a century ago. The inhabitants of the island have never been seen, but a message was sent by an automaton, called a Sentinel, with a simple warning to never approach the island. All attempts to explore the island or make contact have been met with immediate attack by Sentinels.

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