Welcome ! 'You gotta live your dreams an ...

Welcome ! 'You gotta live your dreams and hit those stars!' Kristina Toth  

Mar 31, 2022

Welcome ! 'You gotta live your dreams and hit those stars!' Kristina Toth  

At age 7, I was sitting at the kitchen table one night doing a yearbook for my school. I was totally into it and felt lots of joy in making it when my parents standing above me, looked and asked me what I was doing. And they said to me you should stop doing this, you will never make money with it.

Then at age 21, I put up on stage a four-hour show for a thousand people, never learned to do something like this before. But I worked on it for six months with four other people,who believed in me at the office I worked at. The theater people were impressed and gave me the title as a director for this project. 

Later I became a photographer and traveled to many parts of the world and took thousands of pictures all around the world, from the US to Europe, Africa and also Australia. A great time in my life. 

Many of my best pictures were sunset photography ones and when I was around age 50, when Facebook was the new big thing, I started to put there some of my photographs up on FB and started getting lots of likes in the hundreds at times. People asked my permission to reprint them and use my photographs as screen-savers, put them on their portfolio covers, and for buying them as personal gifts and for friends. 

They inspired me to make more ART so in 2017 alone I shot around 9000 photos, which  placed :https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/geniusfeeling

Currently, I have an art project as an ebook,  with vivid sea scences and a discovery  of 24 characteristics that geniuses had in common. 

You can look at here: https://www.magcloud.com/webviewer/1468742?__r=&s=v

And if you like it, you can download from this site: www.buymeacoffe/kristinatoth and support my art with coffee :-)

I appreciate each and every one who supports me and my book.

About this book:                                       
This book is a discovery of the 24 common characteristics that have been found in the world 's greatest geniuses that have ever lived; Mozart, Einstein, Shakespeare , etc. One can develop these attributes by adopting and practicing them. They enable you to unlock your innate potential on a genius level for the actuality of feeling happy and living up to your potential! My Gift to you.

I am so grateful for you


When you buy something from an artist 
you're buying more than an object. 
You're buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. 
You're buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. 
You're not buying just one thing, 
you are buying a piece of a heart, 
a piece of soul 
a small piece 
of someone else's life. 

Thank You ! 
Kristina Toth 

Grateful acknowledgment is made to Barrios,A' for his permission to use his research data 
Reference: Barrios,A. National Enquires 1980

© 2022 Be The Light -24 Characteristics of a Genius  @ Artwork/Photography by Kristina Toth

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