24 Characteristics of a Genius

24 Characteristics of a Genius

Apr 02, 2022

Inspired by Kristina Toth 24 Characteristics of a Genius



This book is a discovery of the 24 common characteristics that have been found in the world 's greatest geniuses that have ever lived; Mozart, Einstein, Shakespeare, etc. One can develop these attributes by adopting and practicing them. They enable you to unlock your innate potential on a genius level for the actuality of feeling happy and living up to your potential. I CONGRATULATE YOU NOW FOR YOUR FUTURE AND SUCCESS. Walking on sunshine is your destiny.

MEDIA NEWS These are the 24 genius characteristics that are presently used by the Fortune 500 companies and their executives which sets them apart from everyday people. -Mr. Burnett photojournalist

IMPORTANT NOTE The best explained and applicable definitions of Genius used in the modern world you will find are on the next pages. For the word's origin turn to the end of the book. You might find interesting.

ART DIRECTOR'S NOTE Kris has a real eye for beauty.The stunning seascapes catch the vivid colors of the sunlight evoking emotion. She showcases her professional artistic value with a touch of love throughout this work of art. - Ms. K.T Art Director

EDITOR’S NOTE Welcome to the inspirational world of wisdom and magic. Whenever, wherever knowledge and beauty can bring you happiness. You can make a better world. You can make this world assist you to succeed. Whether you have just graduated or you are an executive, a loving dad or a dear mom, you are unique. With a peace of mind and creative development, you can be a leader where dreams come true. With your unique pocket of sunshine and exceptional ability to know, you reach for happiness that you truly deserve! -published by GeniusFeeling Enterprise

THE DIRECTOR’S NOTE Believe me, in this book lies a treasure that now I share with you, that now belongs to you like the beauty and grace of nature itself. You can't stop the feeling once you start to enjoy your adventure of living. Welcome sunshine! - Kristina Toth Creative Director

The 24Characteristics of a Genius.

1. Drive. 2. Courage. 3. Devotion to goals. 4. Knowledge. 5. Honesty. 6. Optimism. 7. Ability to judge 8. Enthusiasm. 9. Willingness to take chances. 10. Dynamic energy. 11. Enterprise. 12. Persuasion 13. Outgoingness. 14. Ability to communicate. 15. Patience. 16. Perception.17. Perfectionism 18. Sense of humor. 19. Versatility. 20. Adaptability. 21. Curiosity.22. Individualism. 23. Idealism. 24. Imagination

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