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It's Raining: My BuyMeACoffee Origin Sto ...

It's Raining: My BuyMeACoffee Origin Story.

Sep 22, 2021

Once upon a time, a shy girl took her computer outside to write her very first BuyMeACoffee post ever. And it promptly started pouring rain.

Now, I might know what you're thinking. First of all, duh. The girl was sitting in Seattle. Of course it started raining. Second of all, she could have stepped under the protective awning anytime her computer complained to her. So NBD. Third of all, how awesome!!!!

Wait, sorry. That's NOT what you're thinking?


Well, let me explain then:

This girl was in love with the rain. It was a good omen. The day she got her first professional gig as a young actress, it was pouring. The day she got accepted to grad school, the same thing. The day she met the love of her life- yup, you guessed it. Gentle drops from up above sprinkling the grounds of the Japanese garden that she and her sweetie happened to be wandering through. So having rain accompany her on this new writing endeavor probably meant that she was doing something both brave and meant to be. Following her destiny.

Or not.

Time would tell.

But for now, it felt right and joyful to her.

After all, it is said to be the best of luck for it to rain on a person's wedding day. (A sign that the couple will be showered with good fortune and wealth.)

Plus, rain is the only way to get rainbows. And therefore, additionally, the pot of gold at the end of them.

It also helps things grow. So there are many superstitious cultures around the world that see it as a herald of auspicious new beginnings, of beneficial change and positive renewal. This authoress was in good company.

As she lifted her first cup of BuyMeACoffee coffee to her lips in a celebratory toast of the good that can be found in the world- as long as you keep looking for it- she realized something else.

Coffee is liquid and so is rain. Yep. Definitely fate. Liquid and liquid are matchy-matchy.

So cheers to everyone out there making your dreams come true! I wish for it to rain down on you like crazy- whether you want that rain to be coffee, money, kids, travel adventures, or, heck, actual rain!

The Not End. The Beginning.

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