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Oct 23, 2021

In the western world there is a real western media bias against China. Not only is there a bias - it’s a strong, negative one. When reading over various Western news articles (mainly American) with coverage of China, there are several common biases that emerge. First of all, the words used to describe China are intended to strike fear and hate in the hearts of Western citizens. For example, in some of the articles that I read, the authors referred to China as “the Communist country”, “the Chinese threat”, “the enemy”, and “the Communist dictatorship”. These are all very strong wordings with harsh negative connotations intended to bias readers with a negative view of China and its relationship with the West. Secondly, mere cultural differences between China and the West are depicted as crimes against humanity. For example, the recent elimination of presidential term limits in China was renounced across Western news outlets as “corrupt” or “authoritarian”. While trying to point out how this is a terrible injustice to the Chinese people, or people in certain provinces like Xinjiang, Tibet the media failed to point out how this political decision was nearly unanimous and is seen as favorable by many Chinese citizens. This reaction only reflects the democratic bias that almost all Western countries have. Finally, the Western media has been prone to trying to bias their citizens into seeing China as the biggest threat to their future prosperity. They approach this by labeling the Chinese as “thieves”, “cheaters”, “destroyers”, etc., while also trying to discourage companies moving to China or the purchase of Chinese products. In addition they make up lies about 'Genocide' to the uyghurs in Xinjiang as well as having 3 million of them in concentration camps. There is also lies and conspiracies about COVID 19 lab leaks in Wuhan, also not forgetting the riots in Hong Kong. conclusion, rather than representing topics about China fair and objectively, many Western media outlets intentionally incorporate a strong, negative bias against the country. This is why it is so important to become properly educated on what is really going on in China today before formulating your own opinions on such topics.

Channels such as myself help educate people with what really goes on and your help and coffes go a long way in supporting us. Thank you. AJ

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