Kick your Monday off right

Kick your Monday off right

Jan 14, 2021

NEW offering! I am offering a special Monday Mindset call on January 18th. This is typically reserved for my membership members but you can snag a seat for only $10. I am going to kick your booty into gear with motivation and mindset discussion.

Let's smash imposture Syndrome, kick lack of confidence to the curb, and get energized to tackle a new week and a new year.

Get pumped and join this interactive Zoom event!

The Details:

Join me for a group call to kick your week off right. Let's talk about confidence, mindset, goal setting any blast through excuses to level up and take action! This will be an interactive zoom group call focused on getting over hurdles and taking action. LIVE CALL Monday, January 18th at 8:30 AM PT

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