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September 9 Freelance Opportunities!

September 9 Freelance Opportunities!

Sep 09, 2022

Hello all 797 of you! I’d love to make it an even 800, so please do me a favor and share this newsletter!

Also, September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month! Libraries really need your support as your usage of them impacts how much funding they get. Go get a library card!

Today's list of 100+ opportunities tells me that a lot of companies are ready to hit the ground running during the 97 days until Thanksgiving. Good luck!

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  • The Sauce at Food Fight Studios (new media startup) needs freelance and full-time people to build products, create, edit, and manage content, and research trends. Fully remote.

  • Money needs freelance writers and content creators

  • The Blacklight (the NY Amsterdam News investigative unit) needs freelance investigative journalists to report on gun violence on Black and brown people  in NYC communities

  • SPORTbible needs freelance sports journalists

  • Dazed Media’s advertising studio needs a part-time UK-based freelance writer

  • The Valdosta Daily Times needs a freelance sports writer

  • Georgetown University needs a freelance media advisor for the university’s student publications

  • Campaign Magazine UK needs a freelance data journalist

  • Smart Media Agency (France) needs a freelance journalist

  • AsianInvestor (Singapore) needs freelance investment journalists

  • MoneyUnspun (Dubai) needs freelance finance journalists




  • Forbes Vetted needs a part-time freelance editor for commerce content (12 hours/week)

  • Veloce Esports needs a long-form freelance editor

  • Aparicio Publishing needs freelance Spanish World Languages teachers to write and edit classroom lessons



  • Discovery+ needs a freelance social media manager

  • Contra needs a freelance social media person for engagement (They’re a client of mine and great to work with)

  • Enterpet needs a remote paid social and SEO strategist

  • SoHo Experiental needs a social media freelancer

  • ASHURST COMMUNICATIONS needs freelance social media managers

  • vcita needs a US-based social media manager

  • Eterstain needs a social media manager











  • This person needs a freelance website developer

  • This person needs a freelance website developer for an e-commerce site



  • Aventum Group needs freelance designers and video editors

  • Catsnake needs writers, creative strategists and content managers

  • Freim (London) needs a freelance live shopping creative strategist and a producer

  • Heads & Tales Content Agency (Australia) needs freelancer designers, editors, writers, etc.

  • VeraContent (Spain) needs freelance writers, translators, editors, community managers and graphic designers for its talent network

  • Tornet Co. needs a freelance graphic designer and video editor

  • Trailer Park Group needs freelance ad film, promo directors, copywriters, video content creators

  • Malherbe New York needs designers, 3D artists, account, strategists, etc. They’re filling full-time and freelance roles

  • The Communications Division at Imperial College London needs freelancer copywriters, video producers, science communicators, developers, photographers, graphic designers from historically excluded groups

  • Aleph (Tel Aviv) needs freelancers for copy, design, and stock videos



Today's newsletter took a full workday (and four coffees) to create. I wouldn't have the time to dedicate to this project without everyone who has supported me so far. THANK YOU to everyone! And a special shout-out to my new members Amruta, NL, Aanchall, and Elizabeth!

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