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September 16 Freelance Opportunities!

September 16 Freelance Opportunities!

Sep 16, 2022


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  • The Crazy Coupon Lady needs freelance writers for its roundups and gift guides

  • Lyft needs freelance writers for product listings, landing pages, etc.

  • SamSzu needs freelance writers for B2B/B2C ecommerce, social media, and entrepreneurship stories

  • Mint XXI needs a creative copywriter ($25-$50/hour)

  • Three Ships needs SEO freelance writers

  • Sastrify (Spain) needs freelance B2B and SaaS writers

  • Covina needs freelance B2B writers for blog posts, ebooks, and long-form content

  • Helpful needs freelance writers for home security stories

  • eToro needs a copywriter for 10 hours/week

  • Delineo (UK) needs freelance copywriters

  • Percent needs freelance writers for articles on private capital markets (private debt)

  • This person needs a freelance writer ($30/hour, less than 10 per month)

  • This recruiter needs freelance technical writers for a client

  • The Winders Group needs adtech freelance writers

  • The Adecco Group needs freelance writers for though leadership, HR, work content

  • VaynerMedia LLC needs freelance UX/web writers

  • Pollen needs a remote research and content writer

  • Fields & Co needs a freelance writer for its woman-owned company

  • This person needs freelance writers in South central Pennsylvania

  • Woovly needs freelance writers for product listing pages in beauty/personal care spaces

  • Adjust Your Set needs a freelance business/finance writer/editor/strategist

  • War Child UK needs a freelance copywriter

  • Astrum (India) needs healthcare writers

  • Shotformats (India) needs a freelance writer for an ed-tech startup






  • Work It Daily needs a social media manager and creator ($25-$50/hour)

  • Heads of State needs a freelancer to manage paid social media campaigns

  • 420 Publicity needs a freelance social media manager

  • A brand for moms needs a freelance social media specialist

  • Wondery (Amazon-owned) needs a freelance creative director to execute social assets

  • Rebecca Hay Designs needs a freelance social media coordinator

  • This person needs UK-based freelance social media managers

  • vcita needs a US-based freelance social media manager

  • H&S Ledgers needs a freelancer to help with advertising through social media, lead generation, web development

  • Vinterior needs an interim freelance social media manager

  • Official Charts needs a UK freelance social media producer for its music site

  • Epidemic Sound needs a paternity leave cover for a senior social media/content strategist

  • Strictly FX UK needs a local freelance social media expert

  • This person needs a Bristol-based freelance social media manager

  • Cruise needs a freelance creative project manager and social content creator (20 hours/week)

  • This recruiter needs a Canadian French-speaking freelance community manager/social media manager



  • Taco Bell Creative needs a freelance account person

  • Virgin Galactic needs a freelance strategist for employer branding strategy

  • Senn & Sons needs a freelance brand strategist and copywriter

  • Instrument needs an SEO strategist for a client

  • Skara needs freelance writers and strategists

  • BLVR needs a US-based experienced freelance senior strategist to work Dec-March

  • Human Theory needs a freelance insight strategist

  • This recruiter needs freelance senior social strategists for a gaming client









  • Stan needs a remote virtual assistant



  • This person needs a freelance graphic designer/web designer

  • Crobox needs a freelance web designer

  • Ripple Design needs freelance frontend developers

  • This person needs a freelance website developer for e-commerce

  • This person has a client who needs a WordPress web designer





  • The Core Creative Agency needs a freelance graphic designer and a freelance copywriter (Charlotte-based preferred)

  • University for the Creative Arts (UK) needs freelance graphic designers, videographers, and photographers

  • Rise Strategy Group needs Chicago-based freelance graphic and UX designers, photographers, videographers, and industrial designers

  • Morgan, Cohen & Bach needs freelance graphic designers, web developers, and a logo designer. In the future, they’ll need copywriters and content writers

  • This person needs video editors, social media managers, graphic designers, and media buyers

  • iPulse Systems needs freelance graphic designers, animators, videographers, social media marketers, and creators

  • Blackbird.AI needs a freelance  writers, strategists, marketing people (can become full-time)

  • Ink My Site needs freelance graphic designers, logo designers, and web developers

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