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November 18 Freelance Opportunities!

November 18 Freelance Opportunities!

Nov 18, 2022

The #1 question I’ve seen freelancers asking this week is where am I going to find work? Let me be the first to assure you that your skills are in demand and there’s no shortage of work. There are so many ways to land clients.

You can always give me a follow over on LinkedIn, where I advocate for pay transparency and share freelance opportunities. And I'd appreciate it if you could share this newsletter with five people you know looking for work.

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  • Peloton needs NYC-based freelance social media creators ($60-$80/hr)

  • Kittch needs freelance social media creators

  • Made By Things needs US-based social media freelancers

  • Creative Cove needs a freelance graphic designer

  • This person’s client needs freelance social media support

  • Finary needs a remote social content creator

  • OUI needs a freelance social media manager

  • Topicals needs a remote full-time social media editor

  • B Capital Group needs a freelancer for individual branding and social media marketing



  • Grizzly.io needs a freelance UX strategist

  • Postlight needs US-based content strategists

  • LADbible needs a freelance strategist

  • Energize Group (London) needs freelance strategists

  • Inukshuk Strategy (UK) needs freelance mid-to-senior strategists with sports or gov experience

  • Ear to the Ground (London) needs junior-to-mid-weight freelance strategists or researchers

  • cain & abel (London) needs a freelance senior strategist to work with through January

  • LDN’s client needs a freelance content strategist / senior editor

  • Hakuhodo needs freelance EP/senior producers and strategists

  • LA28 needs LA-based junior and mid-level freelance strategists

  • Erich and Kallman needs freelance and full-time social strategists



  • Horizon House Publications needs a freelance graphic designer

  • Allsmith needs freelance designers for landing page creation, email/ads

  • Mekanism needs a freelance designer (must work east coast hours)

  • This person is working with an apparel brand that needs a freelance tech designer, assistant designer, and production manager

  • History Factory needs a freelance graphic designer

  • ReserveBar needs a freelance and full-time designer

  • UNKNOWN needs LA-based freelance creative directors

  • Pilot Company needs a freelance graphic designer

  • Kendo Brands needs freelance packaging production artists

  • Robert Half Marketing & Creative needs a creative director to work with freelancers

  • everything needs a product and presentation designer

  • AtomicN*8 needs a freelance graphic designer

  • We are Reed needs a remote brand and advertising designer

  • GRESB (Netherlands) needs a freelance designer

  • Digitas needs a freelance designer

  • Mosaic Studios needs a freelance web designer

  • AD Talent needs a freelance senior visual designer

  • Modern Sprout needs a freelance packaging designer

  • Altia needs a freelance designer for video/gaming graphics and animation

  • BLVR needs a US-based freelance mid-level UX / UI Designer

  • tabGeeks needs a UI/UX designer

  • Slate needs a freelance Android designer



  • IQVIA needs freelance translators (Portuguese to English)

  • IQVIA needs freelance translators (English to French)

  • ICS-translate needs freelance translators

  • Language Insight needs English speaking freelance audio transcribers







  • visions2images needs a freelance virtual assistant, writer/editor, and designer

  • Omniscient Digital needs a SEO content strategist and staff writer

  • SquareTrade needs freelance writers and art directors

  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation needs freelancers for copywriting, social media, and marketing

  • Tag needs full-time and freelance UI/UX strategist, senior digital project manager, and business analyst

  • Mainstreet is building a freelance roster of people to work with

  • Greenlive Creative needs freelance developers, web, and brand designers

  • Fruition IT needs freelance copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers to work with in 2023

  • Woven Agency needs a freelance social media strategist, digital strategist, marketing strategist, HubSpot specialist, and WordPress developer

  • Deloitte needs freelance video editors and a digital marketing content creator

  • Just Williams needs freelance PR, photogs, web devs, graphic designers, and SEO/PPC

  • Square Waves needs freelance copywriters and Webflow designers

  • Tebra has multiple marketing roles

  • Curious Plot needs a freelance email marketing manager

When I launched this newsletter, I wasn't sure if it would be financially viable for me to take on. Thanks to your help, it is. Shout out to new members Cora, Kathryn, Musa, @FossilHistory, Kate, and Katherine!

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