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Yoof Rookies - Seongnam FC

Yoof Rookies - Seongnam FC

Feb 11, 2022

Coach Kim Nam-il spoke about using more young players this season as the team needs to play faster and if you look at the recruits and roster it would suggest that these guys will get a chance.

"Young players will stand out if you give them a chance this time. I decided that we should be a younger squad because I think we should be more active on the offensive side. This year, I would like to show a more dynamic side to the aggressive side. After playing defense for the past two years, the speed has dropped a lot when switching to offense, and we are trying to improve that part. I'll show you a more speedy game this year."

Good signs for these lads below:

2022 intake:

  • CB Kim ji-soo (Youth #4) 2022 #36 189cm- was a late addition to the squad and is on one of the semi-pro contracts like FC Seoul's Kang Seong-jin was last season. Seems to have been personally scouted by the manager who spoke highly of him. Quote: "I've been paying attention to Kim Ji-soo while watching Pungsaeng High School (Seongnam U18) games. .Responsible and stable game management was noticeable. As Kim Ji-soo is making his first professional challenge in Seongnam, I hope he will work hard to show his full potential on the field." He won the Best Young Player Award for winning the 2021 National High School Football Championship

Chances of playing - 0-15%: Seems highly-regarded but centre back is Seongnam's deepest part of the squad can see him being used as a late sub to qualify for bringing on 5 subs if they are winning or drawing.

  • CF Um Seung-min (Jeonbok U18 #7) 2022 #19 181cm - (Quiet voice - this guy seems really good)

In a quite unusual move in the league another team's youth player has been moved in their rookie season to another. He was considered an excellent player at U-18 Jeonbuk based on his wide vision and excellent shooting ability as a winger/forward. This right footer has an eye for goal and good dribbling skills.  He has been recognized for his potential at an early age by training with professional team players, and he has been a runner-up in the Korea Football Association's national high school competition as a member of Youngsaeng High School, and won the 2021 National High School King's Award

Scores a hat-trick here getting two in the first 5 minutes (great second) and then adds the 5th with some lovely footwork - Check out other Jeonbuk games too he scores more.

Chances of playing - 25%-50% - I would be very surprised if he wasn't in or around the squad and getting minutes as Jeonbuk could have kept him and used him as their U22 otherwise. One to watch!

Chances of Playing - 0-10%: Certainly stands a good chance of being the U22 sub or starting and then coming off. Will provide a counter attacking threat late on too which the side really lacks.

  • Others - Jang Young-gi #27 175cm CM/ Jang Hyo-joon #29 174cm Fullback/ Yang Si-hoo #24 185cm CB

    Chances of playing - 0-3%: Didn't feature much in the youth tournaments and little known about them.

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