Kita's Advent, Day 1

Kita's Advent, Day 1

Nov 27, 2022

Like I said, one new thing each day. Today, a little story. This is a story you won't find elsewhere, written for a friend several years ago. I have quite a few of these stored up, and they are exclusive to here.

I am making this first one available to all people who look at this page, so you can get an idea of my work and see if you want to support me. To see others you will need to join. It's a LOT of stuff you get to see for that membership fee! So, with no further ado, today's story:


Ron hurried into the nursery to find Jenna standing up in her crib, her head being the only thing that reached over the high adult crib side.

“What's wrong, baby?” he asked. “Are you hurt?  Did you have a bad dream?”

“I wanna drink of water,” she said, holding the baby bottle out to him through the crib bars.

Ron was not stupid. He was on to Jenna's games – she did this from time to time when she decided she didn't like her early bed time.

“Jenna,” he warned. “You know it is sleepy time.”  He indicated the window, the room being lit only by the unicorn nightlight in the wall. “The sun has gone to bed, and that is your bed time as well.”

Jenna asked for a strict Daddy/Baby Girl relationship.  She wanted rules.  So, Ron gave her rules that any baby should have, including a reasonable bed time.  Sunset in the months that the sun set after 7:30 would find her in her crib, thickly diapered and ready for night-night.  In the months that the sun set very early, she was allowed to stay up til 7:30. Sometimes Ron did cheat a little and tell her it was time for bed when the sun set at 7:15 – but Jenna could tell time, so it rarely worked unless he hid all the clocks first. Tonight was not one of those nights – it was after 10:00 p.m.

“But, Daddy.... I'm thiiiiiirstyyyyy,” she said, drawing out the word and giving Bambi eyes.

Ron sighed. Jenna was going to have a soaked diaper in the morning. She already finished off her night time bottle and this would be her second.  “This time,” he said.  “But right to sleep then! And remember – this diaper has to last til morning.” He reached out to pat the bottom of the diaper – it was already a little damp, but these Princess Diapers were meant to hold a lot! It would hold for awhile yet.

“Yes, Daddy.....”

Part 2

Ron held the baby bottle through the bars to Jenna. “Here's your bottle, princess.  Now you get some sleep, ok?”

“Daddy?”  He stopped at the door. “Yes?”

“I'm not sleepy. Read me a story?”

“We already had your story time. Now is sleep time.”

“But I'm not sweepy!   ….. I wanna pway then. Or watch TV?”  She looked hopefully at him, but Ron knew he had to be strong. “Okay, no TV.  I'll just pway then,” she said, trying to slyly trick him.

“No – you'll go to sleep,” he said, getting more stern.

This elicited an annoyed sigh.  Her eyes got big and round when he turned around. “Umm .. sorry Daddy!” she said quickly. “H … hey …   you don't need that!” she said, plopping down on her diapered bottom in the crib as he picked up the hairbrush. She remembered her last spanking with that heavy brush well … laying over Daddy's lap, her diaper coming down in the back, and then the thousand bee stings all over her bottom!  Her legs scissoring, squirming, the embarrassment of really crying like a 2 year old, and the litany of repeated promises to never be naughty ever again! Subconsciously, her hand reached back to rub her bottom through the diaper.

“I don't need it, but do YOU?” Daddy asked.

“No Daddy!”  She slipped down in her crib.  “I asleep!  See?” She pretended to snore. 

“Goodnight, Baby,” Daddy said. 

“Goodnight Daddy.”   The nursery door was pulled as Jenna felt her bladder let go and her diaper get soaked, warm, and heavy. She wrinkled her nose and wondered about calling Daddy. But should she?  She might get spanked again and have to sleep on her tummy!

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