Advent Day 14: My Neighbor, My Babysitte ...

Advent Day 14: My Neighbor, My Babysitter

Dec 15, 2022

Are you a little diaper boy?  You know you are. That's why you don't go out on any dates, preferring to sit at home and fantasize about your hot neighbor putting you in diapers.

So, you were surprised and it added even more fuel to your fire when you were scanning the local social media boards and you saw she had posted an ad that she was looking for babysitting jobs. What a dream that would be! Would you go to her home, or would she come to yours? You immediately decided yours would be better – all your diapers, sleepers, and bottles are here. Plus your paddle … but she'd have to find that on her own.  And best of all – your crib! 

She would find this a paradise for any caregiver. You have EVERYTHING. You can imagine her putting you down on your back, leaning you back til you are staring at the ceiling, then reaching down and popping open the tapes of your crinkly disposable diaper... The caress of cool air as it is folded down. The scent of stale pee, mixed with baby powder and diaper rash cream. She would carefully wipe it all away with baby wipes from your baby wipe warmer …

Would she feed you a bottle? Give you a bath before bedtime? You had to know! Your fingers shaking, you dialed the number.

“Hello?”  Her voice sounded younger than you imagined. She was really young … maybe this wasn't a great … “Hello?”  She sounded a little irritated now.

“Umm … H … Hello?”  Your voice shook. “I umm … saw your ad?  And I live right next door...”

“You have a baby?”  She sounded surprised. “I know which neighbor you must be … the couple on the other side of me are elderly. I've never seen a baby.”

“Well … not EXACTLY ….. not like you're thinking. I umm … well, I am the baby.”

There was an awkward pause. “So like …. this is some kind of kinky sex thing?”

“NO!  No – I just want to be treated...”

“Like a baby.” She finished for you. 

“Yeah...”   There was another pause. You got cold feet, “You know what?  It was just a stupid idea I had. Please, just forget I called...”

“No!”  She stopped you. “I was just thinking about it.  Ok – we could try it.  Who knows, it might be kinda fun. And I do need the money.”   You set it up for a Friday night. Sure enough, at 7:00 p.m. sharp, your doorbell rang.

You talked a few things over first. “Remember,” she warned. “You are a baby, and babies don't get sex. First time you get out of line, I walk out that door, AND I tell everyone what you're into.”   You agreed readily.

“Well, let's see the baby then,” she smiled. You wondered if you could really slip into little space this time. You haltingly undid your jeans and tugged them down to reveal your diaper, to her wide smile. This might be fun after all.

“You know,” she said, as she pulled your wet diaper open, “I think it was naughty of you to greet me with an already wet bottom for me to change.  We didn't discuss …  how is baby punished?”

You didn't want to answer.  “Come on – is it early bedtime? Corner time?  ….Something else?”

She caught your nervous glance at the drawer in the end table.  “Ahh … something to do with what's in there?”  You turned red.  She giggled and pulled open the drawer. “Oh my …. what is THIS?”   She grinned her biggest smile yet, as she held up the little pink paddle. “Hmm.   Yes, I think this will work out just fine,” she said, as she came back over to you – carrying the paddle with her.

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