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Preview: Super Ultra Headache Mode (New ...

Preview: Super Ultra Headache Mode (New Settings)

Jun 06, 2022

Hey everyone!

First of all, I'm happy to announce that I got a ton of cool stuff done the past few weeks.

Second of all, this has nothing to do with me wanting to procrastinate because my exams are coming up. What are you talking about?

Either way, the first new feature (which technically was already revealed yesterday if you've been keeping up) is a minimap in the corner of the screen:

It will always display your location on the current floor, and by clicking on it, you go to the game menu. You can adjust its opacity to your liking or disable it entirely.

The second feature is more of an accessibility thing: You can now adjust the entire game's saturation and contrast. This has been on my list for a long time, since some people are more sensitive to vibrant colors than others.

Compare the above image (with default settings) to the ones below:

While I added the option to reduce contrast and saturation, I also added the ability to increase them, or as I like to call it, super ultra headache mode. Enjoy!

While playing around with settings is fun and all, this one in particular could affect your enjoyment of (or even ability to play) the game. That's why I added a "restore defaults" button that allows you to undo your shenanigans:

I also put all text-related settings on one page and added a live text preview with the help of this fantastic tutorial by milk+ visual!

On top of that, I'm almost done with editing phase 1 - which now introduces some interesting new things, including a brand new game mechanic! But that will have to wait for another post, oops.

Last but not least:

I've re-enabled memberships! I will no longer adhere to a strict posting schedule, since that added more stress than motivation, but anyone who wants to take part in the occasional secret poll or have access to hidden channels and files is welcome to join. I'd love to see you there!

So, now that you've seen them, what headache setting will you choose?

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