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October Q&A

October Q&A

Oct 01, 2021

Deep Sea Valentine cast, what costumes would each of you choose to wear for Halloween?

Triche: Oh, someone tried to be clever. You think you can get away with asking several questions at once by putting it this way? You'll have to be more specific and ask one of us in particular!

Inia: Aww, come on, let them have some fun. Besides, Halloween is coming up this month, so it's a very fitting question!

Inia: I would want to be a succubus. I already act like one, so looking the part wouldn't be much more difficult!

Triche: ...At least your self-aware. I have no idea what kind of monster would fit me, though. What am I like?

Tae: A zombie, I'd say. You both look and smell horrible, but aren't actually that big of a threat.

Triche: What the— unprovoked?! W-Well, you'd obviously be an ugly witch!

Tae: Oh, I like that idea. I think a big hat like that would really suit me!

Albica: I want a cool hat too. I think I'll be... a pirate. Since we're underwater, I can even tie in a tragic backstory. I could be a pirate who drowned. A ghost pirate.

Feli: Wow, what a creative idea! I just went with the first monster that came to my mind... A werewolf!

Albica: A werewolf? But you're a catfish.

Feli: I know that, but I want to be something scary! Besides, wouldn't a catfish in a cat costume be way too on the nose?

Pris: I'm not sure if that's necessarily a bad thing. As a sawfish, I'll naturally go as a walking reverse bear trap.

Feli: A w-what? That sounds horrible...

Pris: I'm just kidding, my son is much too young to know about those movies. So instead, I'll go as an evil nurse... whose favorite instrument is a saw!

Albica: I'm not sure if your son should see you in a nurse costume, either.

Pris: Wait, aren't we still missing someone? Moka, dear, why haven't you shared your costume idea yet?

Moka: Do I have to? I don't really do costume parties. Or parties in general.

Pris: Don't be like that. How could you resist now that you know what the others will be wearing?

Moka: True, there are some sights I wouldn't want to miss out on. I think I'll be a... mummy, then! Just like some ancient pharaoh, I mostly want to chill in my cave, but people can't stop breaking in from time to time.

Pris: What a well-thought-out metaphor. Too bad that there's nothing of value to be found in that den of yours.

Moka: Hey, I'll have you know my seashell collection would sell for a lot of money online!

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