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New Escape Room Log #FINAL

New Escape Room Log #FINAL

Jul 15, 2021

So, I did it! Or well, kind of. This challenge taught me a lot of things, and I'll use this post to talk about them. But first, let's take a look at the new room:

As you can see, it's comprised of three sections. The first and second part of the room actually took a bit of tweaking, because they originally were too big to fully fit on the screen. Fortunately, I managed to make it work with three pixels to spare!

So what didn't work out? My goal was to model, write and program an escape room within two weeks. I definitely came through on the modeling department, but I can't say the same about the writing and programming.

About the writing, I had a lot of good ideas these past two weeks and also wrote several meaningful parts, but there wasn't enough time to do everything. And since this room is the pretty much the finale to a very important route, I certainly didn't want to rush things, or cram filler in here just to "complete" the challenge.

When it comes to the programming, I definitely bit off a lot more than I could chew. I was planning to include four different minigames, and I should've known that wasn't going to happen. After all, even just a regular puzzle screen usually takes me several days to complete. Still, at least the room itself (such as moving around and clicking the objects) has been successfully implemented! Just not the fancy stuff around it that would actually make it an escape room.

All in all, even though I technically failed the challenge, I still made some solid progress. Given another two weeks, I will probably have the writing done, and the minigames will start taking shape as well. If nothing else, the work I did this month gave me a solid foundation to finish the remaining parts!

Thanks for following along, and I hope you look forward to seeing the arcade for yourself in the full game!

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