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New Escape Room Log #1

New Escape Room Log #1

Jul 02, 2021

Work on the new Escape Room has officially begun! I'm currently in the planning phase, making several notes and sketches to figure out everything I want to include.

I've also been modeling the entrance to our new area. I've settled on a pink/mint color scheme, but I might still make a few tweaks to it:

For the escape rooms as a whole, I always make a kind of progress flowchart that keeps track of what the player has to do. This makes it clear at a glance if the puzzles are too linear (bad) or if the player always has multiple options when it comes to what tackle next (good). I'm liking how it's turned out so far:

This flowchart will likely grow some more over the next two weeks, since I always get a few more ideas while I work on the implementation. :P

That's all for now. See you again in a few days!

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