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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Jan 01, 2022

Hey everyone! This month, I'm skipping the character Q&A to write a personal message.

Originally I was a little disappointed in myself for not making more progress on Artificial Selection last year. But, looking back on it, 2021 was quite the productive year for me. I released three games, after all!

Locke(d) was admittedly just a short two-week experiment, but a lot of work went into Deep Sea Valentine and Robot Daycare. I'm really happy about Robot Daycare's positive reception, since it covers topics I have personally dealt with and I feel aren't talked about enough. The message might not be clear to everyone, or resonate with everyone, but all the people who commented that the story touched them truly made it worth it.

Deep Sea Valentine, on the other hand... Sometimes, when you're mainly focusing on darker mystery stuff, you just have to write goofy stories about cute girls doing cute things. Even if it's not a game for my primary target audience, I'll continue releasing bonus stories because it's fun and I want to.

Last year I also learned how to make trailers, integrate achievements, make art books, and how to work with translators - all of which will indirectly be useful for Artificial Selection as well!

On top of that, I've made many healthy lifestyle changes (for example I really got into cooking), and I'm very close to finally getting my degree.

Simply put, 2021 was a year of learning for me. And 2022 will be the year I put that knowledge to good use.

Thank you for your support, whether you've been sticking around since the release of the first Artificial Selection demo, or only discovered me last year. You're what allows my games to have meaning, since no story would be told if I shouted it into the void.

All the best for 2022!


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