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Career Consultation Referral - Richard ( ...

Career Consultation Referral - Richard (Business Systems Analyst)

Jul 27, 2021

Client: Richard

Session Type: Career Consultation

Role: Business Systems Analyst

Results: Successfully Received Offer Letter!

Client's Review (not altered or edited):

"Hi Kevin! I want to thank you again for being there for me resulting in my job offer for ADP as a Business Systems Analyst! The interview with ADP for the Business Systems Analyst role ended up being tougher than I anticipated, but surprisingly they ended up sending me an offer double my current salary at Open Bank!

During our conversation, I remember discussing with you that I was very nervous that I would be stuck at Open Bank for a really long time and felt very discouraged about their treatment of their employees. You gave me the courage to stand up for my worth and decide to move on and work on the terms that I have set important. Higher compensation, work from home, and the potential for exponential growth which all was offered to me during my panel interview and HR behavioral interview with ADP.

I am super excited about this next chapter in my life and owe it all to you. You provided me with solid insights from my perspective as an IT professional, and I will take up on your challenge in enrolling in UCLA extension programs and taking on advanced level certifications for SQL, Python, and AWS to beef up my career points which will all potentially help in negotiating my salary even higher in the future.

I really couldn't have done it alone and am glad you were here to help me throughout the whole process. Everything from prepping me again right before my interview to negotiating a higher salary when they presented me with my offer letter, I was really glad that I had someone to guide me and discuss strategies when approaching such a big jump in my career."

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