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Career Consultation Referral - Edward (A ...

Career Consultation Referral - Edward (Accountant)

Jul 26, 2021

Client: Edward

Session Type: Career Consultation

Role: Accounting Professional

Results: Successfully Received 3 Offer Letters!!!

Client's Review (not altered or edited):

"Being presented with a job offer or rather three for that matter was definitely something I wasn't expecting. As all three offers seemed to have their own side of pros and cons, I was presented with an extremely difficult decision to make. My timeline to accept one of the three offers was extremely limited and I am extremely grateful to have came upon your service.

In our consulting call, I was greatly impressed by your abilities to grasp the entirety of my situation within minutes of explaining. You've helped me realize that the best outcome wasn't simply based on what salary I was being offered or how good the initial benefits were, but rather helped me focus on where I could potentially be in the greater scope of things.

After countless nights of not being able to sleep and stressing out, your services has allowed me to make the best decision based on my current situation and my long-term career goals. Your ability to dissect my needs and challenges that you felt were necessary to overcome gave me such an incredible peace of mind.

Thanks to you, I have decided to move forward with an offer that I felt best fit my goals and I am really looking forward to being able to work with you again. As of now, you are a must recommend to those who fall in similar situations as myself and again, thanks so much for going above and beyond for me."

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