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With friends like Starmer, who needs ene ...

With friends like Starmer, who needs enemies? New low for Keith with cheap shot at Corbyn.

Jun 16, 2022

PMQ's on Wednesday 15th June marked a new low for hypocrite Keir Starmer in his treatment of 'friend' Jeremy Corbyn. My disdain for Keir Starmer is right up there with every other socialist appalled at what he’s done to the Labour Party over the last two years, turning it from a movement for real change back into a tame Tory-lite poodle waiting on his turn to trash the country, changing nothing to make our lives for the better, or anyone else’s, but the thing that has pi**ed the left off about him, what drove people away from Labour in disgust more than anything else has been his shockingly appalling treatment of Jeremy Corbyn, still suspended from the parliamentary party, despite being readmitted as a Labour member. Starmer once called him his friend. Then yesterday at PMQ’s he used him as cannon fodder. Say what you like about Corbyn, love him or hate him, there was never anything but politeness and respect from him, a firm belief in what he felt was best for this country and ideas to take forward, challenging the government so that he now holds the record for inflicting the most defeats as an opposition leader on a sitting government. Effective and badly missed now when you look at the state of what replaced him and given the many responses on LBC last night, a great many people would have him back right now. A small-minded petty individual, attacking a man he once said was his friend. With friends like Starmer who needs enemies, how can anyone think this is the behaviour of a strong and competent leader? It’s the height of patheticness, can you imagine if Theresa May had laid into David Cameron like this? She could easily have done so over Brexit, Starmer’s insult was just widely dismissive. Corbyn isn’t a vengeful guy, but I think at this point now more than ever before, we’d love to see him start that new party, dreaming as we might well be, but right now, when the country is in such a dire state, a real alternative to the political oxygen thief Starmer cannot come fast enough.

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