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Unite Union to review Labour Party fundi ...

Unite Union to review Labour Party funding amid Council row.

Feb 11, 2022

Unite the Union is now reviewing all funding to Labour as it continues to fail workers, even as the employer itself. Despite losing 10% of Unite’s financial support, the Labour Party under Sir Smear Starmer refuses to learn its lesson and start to support workers. It is what the Party was set up to do, its founder, Keir Hardie died in 1915 trying to organise a General Strike, yet the latest Keir to lead Labour abstained on real terms cuts to the benefits workers rely on to top up their wages and even pensioners were ignored by him. How far the party has fallen. The message from Labour to the Union is that Labour is under new management, but the fact that management happens to be piss-poor Blairite management isn’t lost on anybody, least of all the current Unite leadership who have now declared all their remaining funding is up for review. Now some might say this is just the union barons throwing a wobbly, so lets educate some of you a little on trade unions here. There are no union barons for a start. press barons, yes, but not union ones. Leaders come and go, they are elected figures to stand for a set period of time. They are democratic organisations, for the most part, like you get poor political parties, sometimes you get poor trade union management, but unlike political parties, you can switch without sacrificing what they all basically stand for – upholding workers rights. Labour was set up by the Trade Unions so that workers had a voice in parliament where before they had none, just their lords and masters. Today’s Labour Party has reneged on so much of what it was set up to do, it has already lost one of those founding Unions, the bakers, and now Unite look like they may pull the plug too and they are Labour’s biggest funders and we already know the party verges on bankruptcy through loss of membership and donations as members leave in disgust or are thrown out, leaving them £50m a year worse off. Unite apparently should know its place is the message Labour has sent out, the reverse is very much true. Union money to political parties is the cleanest there is – it comes from ordinary workers paying their dues for the protection being in a union offers and Labour are losing it. They are now backing NHS privatisation, they have gone back on renationalisation and wealth taxes. Why? They need donors. Then we really will have two Tory Parties.

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