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The voter ID Bill passes, potentially st ...

The voter ID Bill passes, potentially stripping the vote from millions.

Jan 18, 2022

The voter ID bill has passed despite election fraud being virtually non existent, stripping people without ID of the vote. As much as the Lords inflicted an epic defeat on the Police crackdown bill last night, sadly the same couldn’t be said in the commons as the Tories blatantly self serving voter ID Bill passed. Up to 2 million people will now have been robbed of their ability to vote due to their lack of photo ID. It’s legalised voter suppression, for all those people so proud of what their parents and grandparents fought and died for, for those who admire the suffragette movement and it’s achievements at great personal cost, the bunch of fascists in power run allegedly by Boris Johnson when he’s sober enough to not require barricading in his own quarters have voted through voter suppression and it’s suppression based on class, based on income, based on circumstances, based on age, based on ethnicity. It is these who will lack the passport, lack the photocard driving licence and with no free alternative being offered so as not to disenfranchise voters it is ensuring that those who do not typically vote Tory, do not vote for anyone else, thus benefitting the very people who have imposed this draconian legislation upon us. It ought to be a take to the streets matter, but when UK politics has put people off with no change, no alternatives, no hope for a better future for over 40 years now, with many of those not likely to vote anyway as fully a third of the nation opts not to, its unlikely to elicit the kind of protests needed to overturn it. This is a power grab on behalf of the Tories. Their own voters won’t be affected, if you an afford to vote Tory, you can either afford ID, or you’re an impoverished idiot, but most will be the former. It’s exposed a huge amount of hypocrisy as well however as 85 Tory MP’s who voted this through had actually voted against the introduction of COVID passes to nightclubs. To vote to supress voting, but not to suppress a pandemic causing virus – that makes you a bit of a bastard really doesn’t it. The government has made an opportunistic meal out of a handful of voter fraud cases that you could count on one hand. Tory MP David Davis, one of only two tories to vote against this, called it an illiberal problem to a non existent problem and I have to agree with that. Trials of this scheme held during the 2018 local elections saw hundreds turned away with many not returning. The people who go out to vote, especially during local elections with typically lousy turnout will be regular voters. This will end up increasing the number of people who do not vote and the lower the numbers, the less democratic the result will be. People were warned against backing Johnson at the last election, many of us knew how catastrophically right wing he was, but hey, at least we got Brexit right?

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