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The shameless and hypocrisy of 'Little K ...

The shameless and hypocrisy of 'Little Keir' Starmer is as boring as he is now.

Jun 16, 2022

For two years now we've had to put up with lies, hypocrisy and no policies from Starmer. We're all bored of him now. At a time when Keir Starmer’s lead in the polls over a party steamrollering towards fascism and led by a law breaking liar is falling and when that same law breaking liar is apparently more popular with the public than he is, slagging off his predecessor, once more punching downwards has got to be one of the lowest, most small-minded things Keir Starmer has done to date. Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez described him as ‘Little Keir’ on Twitter, she’s right to do so and we’re not talking about just his lack of stature, he is political pygmy too. When the government was trying to deport refugees this week only for the Court of Human Rights to come flying to the rescue, you’d think the human rights barrister, Starmer would have something to say on that. He didn’t. Making jokes about Conservative Corbyn and Jabba the Hutt at Johnson’s & Corbyn’s expense was as highbrow as he got. No policies to take to the country, no honesty or integrity, his list of lies, beginning with those 10 pledges he was elected on, all broken now, is as long as your arm. You promised continuity Corbyn and now you attack him as you’ve attacked all his supporters for 2 years, whilst supporting the government repeatedly in their mistakes, or choosing abstention over opposition. Whether you agreed with Corbyn or not, he treated everyone with respect. Little Keir however is a petulant, childish creature, a Tony Blair wannabe tribute act, but without any of the charisma or political sense to pull it off. Attacking the guy who stood for kinder politics proves you don’t; you, the man who sabotaged the 2019 election by calling Labour a remain party, only to never mention Brexit again upon being elected leader, you who have brought Labour to near bankruptcy after Corbyn left you debt free with millions in the bank, you who have driven away trade union support and still won’t support them even now, chasing donors who can smell a loser like you a mile off, you who made demands to see the Gray Report, all whilst the Forde Report into internal Labour Party abuses is now 2 years overdue, but your biggest crime is failing to prevent Johnson dragging this country to the verge of fascism, because you offer no alternative. I wouldn’t piss on Labour if it was on fire anymore with you as leader, how much more failure must there be before the rest of your party grow a spine and do something about dishonourable, despicable, Little Keir?

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